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ISIK 2010

Unfortunately the 2010 Indigenous Studies Indigenous Knowledge Conference due to be hosted by the University of Queensland from 30th November to 2 December has been cancelled. 

 The conference was to follow on from:  

  • 2009 – School of Indigenous Studies, UWA and the University of Notre Dame
  • 2008 – Riawunna, Centre for Indigenous Education, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  • 2007 – Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, University of Technology, Sydney
  • 2006 – Oodgeroo Unit, Queensland University of Technology, Gold Coast

A key purpose of the ISIK Conferences is to draw colleagues from across the field of education and research to discuss and share developments in areas of Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous Studies.




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This conference series engages in discussions & conversations in the professions on Indigenous knowledges.